“People living with dementia should continue
to lead active, creative and fulfilling lives...”


We all have our own interests, hobbies and ways we like to spend our leisure time. At Waypoints we believe that people living with Dementia should continue to lead active, creative and fulfilling lives for as long as it is practically possible.

We work closely with residents and their families to develop a personalised ‘activity plan’ and the starting point is the life story, experiences and interests of the resident including what gives them pleasure and how they would like to spend their days. We then tailor activities specifically to satisfy the needs and preferences of each resident. These plans are not set in stone - we review and adapt the activities to ensure they continue to be therapeutic and a positive experience.

We host entertainment regularly within the home – from musicians and singers to magicians and animals. Close relations are fostered with community groups who come into the home or host visits by our residents on day trips. Relatives and friends are always welcome to join these activities.

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