“Nourishment and socialising contribute
to the health and wellbeing of residents”

Food and nutrition

Eating a well balanced and nutritious diet is important to all of us.

Dementia can affect how people recognise food and their appetite or enjoyment of meals can be affected. We want residents to enjoy the experience of eating by providing a variety of different settings and a wide and varied menu choice. Their diet is an important part of their overall care – nourishment and socialising contribute to the health and wellbeing of residents.


Our nursing and care staff keep a close eye on what and how much residents are eating and drinking through observation and discussion with the residents and their relatives. All residents are weighed monthly by a nurse and if weight loss is found a range of action can be taken from looking at how to improve the dining experience for the resident, fortifying their food, offering food little and often or referring them to a doctor or dietician for advice.


Our experienced and innovative Head Chefs lead a catering team which takes pride in providing nutritious, tasty and well balanced food. We endeavour to use locally sourced produce wherever practical and provide high quality home cooking with ‘a regional flair.’ Our chefs also know the favourite dishes and treats of individual residents for special occasions, like birthdays, or to lift their spirits if feeling under the weather or unwell.


Residents and their visitors have a choice of places to eat within our homes:

The Bistros offer an informal coffee shop style of dining, open for drinks and beverages from 7.30am, or weather permitting, sat outside on the terrace under a parasol later on in the morning.

The main restaurants offer a more formal and quieter setting with lovely décor and views of the surrounding countryside.

The bistros and restaurants serve throughout the day a ' Menu of the Day' and a ‘Seasonal Menu’ which changes accordingly. Our staff eat here with the residents – which can encourage those in their care to eat and creates a friendly sociable atmosphere.

Room Service provides a“Light Bite” alternative when the main kitchen is closed because we recognise that people with dementia sometimes like to eat at irregular times.

Hot and cold beverages are always available from the pantries on each bedroom wing throughout the home, in addition to refreshments served in the bistros and restaurants.

Families, friends and guests are encouraged to eat with residents and we can cater for special gatherings or occasions like birthday parties.

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