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‘Playlist for Life’ Makes a Big Difference at Waypoints Verwood

Waypoints Verwood has just introduced the ‘Playlist for Life’ scheme at its home, playing over 300 songs specially chosen by all its residents throughout the home. By playing the personalised selection of music, it has made a big impact on its residents, by helping to connect to their memories, improving their awareness and their sense of independence. The scheme has just been introduced into its Verwood home and due to its success, Waypoints is looking to roll it out to its homes in Upton and Plymouth, too.

Activities co-ordinator for Waypoints Verwood, Emilia Tubisz, recently set up the scheme and said “I spoke to residents and their relatives and friends to compile a list of their favourite songs and artists, which include anything from The Rolling Stones to Frank Sinatra and ABBA! The songs were then downloaded onto an MP3 player and are played through the sound system at the home so that at any one time a resident at Waypoints will be able to listen to one of their favourite pieces of music whether it is their favourite song or artist.


After the first week of playing the songs, I could see the mood changes in some of the residents. One of the ladies likes the classical music such as Pavarotti and when she heard the song I asked her what she thought. She then smiled and said ‘’this is lovely, I like this kind of music’’. Another lady started to sing when she heard some of the Doris Day songs from The Pajama Game’ musical, and there was also a gentleman who heard a classical piece of music and he sat there smiling with his eyes closed. Another day, there were two ladies who started to dance around the bistro when they heard their song!


I have seen a huge difference since we have been playing the songs on the Playlist for Life, as residents who listen to the music are more relaxed when they hear their favourite songs or artists – it’s great to see the positive impact the scheme has had on the residents!”


Chief executive of Playlist for Life, Sarah Metcalfe, added “Personally meaningful music can be a uniquely powerful tool to improve life for people living with dementia. We provide tools and training to people with dementia, their families and carers to harness its powerful effects. It is great to hear the good practice being developed by Waypoints Verwood.”

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