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Waypoints Plymouth tea party


L-R Waypoints dementia care home staff – Receptionist Amelia Puckey (Alice in Wonderland), Head of Nursing Care Jenny Candy (Queen of Hearts) and Nurse Greg Phillips (Rabbit) – took part in Worldwide Afternoon Tea day.


Waypoints Plymouth tea party celebrates health care priority

Plenty of fun and cake was served at a tea party when Waypoints dementia care home in Plymouth endorsed a global commitment to high nutrition and hydration standards in health care.

Staff at the 64-bed home in Ernesettle Lane got into the spirit of the event by dressing up as characters from ‘Alice in Wonderland.’


Waypoints home manager Tessa Marriott said: “We supported the ‘Worldwide Afternoon Tea’ initiative with our themed tea party because we recognise at Waypoints that the health and wellbeing of people in our care can be significantly enhanced by eating the right food for their needs and drinking plenty of fluids.


“Having the tea party was a fun way to involve our residents but there is a serious message underlining the ‘Worldwide Afternoon Tea.’ Food, drink and the experience of eating can be very effective in terms of physical nourishment, healing, defence against illness and overall sense of wellbeing. We take this responsibility seriously at Waypoints and know that dementia can affect recognition of food and appetite, and medications can also change taste and flavours.


“De-hydration from not having enough fluids can cause headaches, tiredness and general lack-lustre. When older we can have a weaker sense of thirst and our staff take other factors into consideration, like the weather conditions and if a resident has a temperature because they are unwell.


“Our head chef puts careful thought to the meals we provide to ensure they are nutritious, varied, flavoursome and can be tailored to the individual dietary needs of the residents.


There are many ways fluid can be introduced to food to boost fluid intake such as adding water in the preparation of casseroles and soups. We also know from the care plans for each resident what their favourite meal or treat is so if they are feeling under the weather we can encourage and tempt them to eat something they will enjoy.”


Family carers of people with dementia can download a simple guidance sheet on Nutrition and Hydration by clicking here.

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