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Freda’s story...

Freda Stevens, a resident at Waypoints Verwood, celebrated her 108th birthday with a party at the Home surrounded by five generations of her family as well as a birthday card from the Queen. Freda is officially the 30th oldest person in Britain (as at December 2018)!

Born in 1910, Freda, the ninth of ten siblings grew up in a small village in Norfolk. Freda started her first job as a parlour maid and shortly afterwards moved with her family to Yorkshire where she met her husband Reg. Reg was in the RAF and he and Freda were married for 60 years. They had a daughter named Pauline and in 1962 they moved to Bournemouth.


Freda became a resident at Waypoints Verwood a few years ago and is much loved by the whole team – she has a wonderful sense of humour and enjoys being pampered and reading romantic novels. Freda loves chatting to staff and her family who visit daily. As you might imagine, Freda has some captivating stories from her past 108 years - we are all very proud to have Freda here as one of our lovely residents.

Ralph’s story...

Ralph, one of our residents at Waypoints Plymouth, has a lifelong passion for anything and everything in relation to motorbikes and motoring mechanics.

The Home’s Training Manager, Jim Pope, recently bought a motorbike and asked Ralph if he would be interested in inspecting his new purchase.


Ralph thought it was brilliant and after giving it a thorough check over they enjoyed a long chat about the bikes they had both owned in the past; Ralph’s first bike being a Triumph 600, which he had bought with his first wage packet. Ralph laughed as he told Jim that in over 40 years that he and his wife had been married she had refused to travel on the back of any of the bikes he had owned. He loved the freedom he felt when on a motorbike and the sound of the engine. Becoming quite emotional when Jim revved the engine for Ralph to hear, he said that he was happy to listen to the hum of a motorbike again.


We love to bring back lovely memories...

Tony’s story...

Tony Morris, a resident at Waypoints Upton, was an iconic 60’s and 70’s artist at the Poole Pottery and continued to create art until recent years. Tony was at the forefront of the most creative pottery era in the sixties and, although he had suffered from Parkinson’s and dementia, he still liked to leaf through his catalogue of his works and chat about them with the team here at Waypoints Upton.

When the Activities Co-ordinator at Waypoints Upton told Tony that in October 2017 Poole Pottery would be closing its doors for the last time in 144 years, she wasn’t too sure if he had taken the news in. So in the week before its closure the activities co-ordinator and a colleague took Tony to Poole Pottery so that he could visit it for the very last time.


Tony and the activities co-ordinator were met at the Pottery by a team from BBC South Today, who interviewed Tony along with two former colleagues and friends from Poole Pottery. The activities co-ordinator was delighted to see Tony with such a huge smile on his face. He appeared truly happy to be there again and to be reunited with his friends.


We are all very proud to have met Tony and for him to have been one of our lovely residents.

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